Scholarship Assistance Application

  • Cheerleader Info

  • Parent Information

  • Must match federal tax return.
  • Income Information

  • include all jobs, SSI, Retirement, Unemployment or related income)
  • include all jobs, SSI, Retirement, Unemployment or related income)
  • Expense Information

  • Notices

    ➢ You may be required to present proof of income/expenses. Items typically requested would be a copy of your most recent Federal Tax Return (Form 1040), two current pay stubs per parent, and account statements related to listed expenses. Falsification of any requested information on this form or related documentation may result in immediate denial of application or removal from the Scholarship Program if already accepted. ➢ Approval for the Scholarship Program also means that the child, as well as the parents will be reasonably available for all JYCA events. In addition to the normal practice and games, this also includes fundraisers and other public events that JYCA may be involved in. Participation in fundraising activities is required to be eligible for a scholarship. Refusal to participate in these events may result in removal from the Scholarship Program and may cause you to be liable for any fees/expenses that had been previously covered by the scholarship. The child will not be permitted to participate in any JYCA event until your account is settled. ➢ Submission of this application is not a guarantee of acceptance into the Scholarship Program. The JYCA Board will review all applications and those selected for approval will be notified of their acceptance and the coverage amount.
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